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pregnant belly casting


Pregnant Belly Cast


​We cast your belly using plaster bandage strips and warm water. Basic casting plus trimming, reinforcing with extra plaster, sanding and finishing with gloss or one colour of paint, and the option of a string installed for mounting on your wall.​

​Add one hour prenatal massage

+ $50

The prenatal massage is prior to the casting and is Thai Yoga massage. Prenatal massage is relaxing, can help with sore muscles, swelling and sleep.​

​Add photoshoot

+ price to be discussed

Photos of your choice with the belly plus photos of the process of casting


Pregnant Belly Casting

When you are pregnant you truly understand the remarkable capacity of the body to shift and transform. Many women take photos to commemorate this unique period when​ you are ​still ​fused with your baby.


Plaster casting is a beautiful and fun​ way to celebrate the shape that you have acquired after months of your baby growing inside you.


Come spend an hour or two in a sunny home studio in a historic loft downtown building​, enjoy a warm drink and let​ us cast your belly. ​​Afterward you can decorate it, leave it as is and mount it in a frame or directly on a wall.


We invite you to couple the casting with a one hour prenatal Thai Yoga massage with a certified practitioner in the same space the hour prior to casting.



Do I need to bring anything?

We provide all the materials. You have the option of being nude from the waist up or wear an old bra that we will wrap​ in plastic wrap. ​Wear old jogging pants or shorts that you don't mind getting dirty, and a shirt you can put on after. You can clean up with us or wait to have a shower at home.

Is it safe?

The materials are safe - they are the same as you would use to cast a broken limb. 

We use olive oil to protect the skin and there is barely any pressure on your belly.


How pregnant do I need to be?


Ideally, to have the fullest belly, we suggest 2-4 weeks from your due date. But you can cast at any point. We also offer a deal where any second or third cast during your pregnancy, we will do the basic for half the price. If you aren't pregnant and want to be cast, you are more than welcome! We would love to cast any female bodied individual.


What happens during the casting?


​The process itself is very relaxing and includes a tea or coffee. We figure out together which pose you would like. We can include anything from the shoulders down to the upper thighs and can have one, both or neither hands on the belly. 


We apply two layers minimum of warm, wet plaster strips to your belly. If you are shy about having your chest uncovered, you can wear an old bra, but we either way we cover you up within a minute or two with plaster. After the cast is applied, we wait a few minutes and you start to feel it pull away from the skin. You can contract your belly to speed the process. Then we dry it overnight and you can pick up the basic cast the next day, or wait a few days and enjoy a finished cast.​

You will be standing if you want the upper thigh or sitting otherwise. 


How long do I need?


The process takes 30-45 minutes. Give yourself an hour.​


Can I bring someone with me?

​Feel free to come by yourself or you can invite your partner, a family member or friends along. If you want, they can even help in the casting. This is a great baby shower gift to give to a friend or family member. ​We can document the process with photos. 


How do I book?

You can email us at or call Courtney at 514.893.8283

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