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Who We Are

Tiger Lotus Collective is a wellness centre offering tender loving care and education. We are practitioners and educators in Montreal passionate about healing in its many forms. The health care system, with its narrow scope of treatments and overburdened hospitals and clinics, is unequipped to deal with physical and psychological issues that impact women and trans people. We focus on providing a preventative instead of curative model of health care and try to educate about our bodies and spirits, and how best to care for them in the day-to-day.

Many of the problems, from painful menstruation to body pain and infertility, come from the reality of our society, which is rushed, stressful, focused on productivity and money. As a collective, we work to relieve stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain, by creating a healing space where your body can use its own internal resources to heal itself.

We offer educational workshops and resources for health on the mental, spiritual and physical planes.

We aim to change to the perception of massage and similar treatments as a luxury good to an essential healing modality that is accessible to all classes of society. We use a community-based model. Every massage will see a portion of the revenue go back into the cooperative to fund massages for individuals who have never had a massage or cannot access them due to barriers like class, race and mental health. We aim to connect to populations through shelters and other community resources and encourage individuals to approach us.

Meet the Team

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