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From Fertile Ground: a different kind of fertility program    


  • $625* (or $525 for folks who are not local and cannot receive individual Arvigo® Therapy session, $75 off if we end up on Zoom)

  • Early Bird Price: $550*

  • *(includes individual 1.5 hour Arvigo® Therapy session (value: $150))

  • Limited to 8 participants

  • One full and one half scholarship spot for BIPOC folks (Black Indigenous People of Colour) 




  • Basic Fertility Manual & Course book, From Fertile Ground: DIY improving our fertility

  • Organic Castor Oil & Castor Oil Pack

  • Custom blend of vaginal steam herbs, hand selected for each participant

  • *Address required to mail packages out to participants. Participants living outside of Quebec are required to cover shipping costs

In this course we:

  • go beyond reiterating that stress is a fertility killer and giving gratitude through clenched teeth, and instead work on identifying and uprooting the sources of the difficult feelings and blocks around fertility;

  • learn the anatomy and physiology of the female and male reproductive systems to go behind the scenes and gain a better understanding of working with and supporting your system;

  • learn in depth about one of the secrets to optimal fertility: a healthy menstrual cycle, from a western medical perspective and traditional perspective;

  • transform our mindset around fertility from the narrow idea of a “zero or one” baby outcome, to a journey of improving our reproductive health, making the vital shift into the space of receiving and experiencing our wholeness;

  • use archetypes found in Tarot and create shared ritual space to guide and deepen our process;

  • fertility self assessment and targeted recommendations, including herbs, based on what is happening in your body;

  • supportive modalities including castor oil packs and vaginal steaming;

  • learn self care abdominal massage to improve reproductive health and build a deep relationship with yourself and your body; and

  • complementary one-on-one fertility bodywork and personal coaching outside of group work.


This course is taught by Courtney Kirkby featuring Bianca Mugyenyi.

Courtney Kirkby, Arvigo® Certified Practitioner and Self Care teacher, doula trained and RMT. The course is based on the instructor’s knowledge and training in Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Mercier Therapy

(registered for training in August 2021), Fertility Charting Course from La Mandorla.

Bianca Mugyenyi, is an activist, journalist and  author of the book Stop Signs. She is former Co-Executive Director of the Leap, and led programming and campaigns at Concordia University's Centre for Gender Advocacy. She has spent two decades engaged in group facilitation work and learning various meditation practices and brings the Jung inspired work of integrating the conscious and unconscious to move past our blocks. 

Dates & Times

Dates: TBA

Friday, 5-8pm

Saturday, 9am-5pm

Sunday, 9am-3pm

Thursdays, 6-7:30pm *These sessions will be follow ups to review fertility charts & continuing on our work together.

Location: Zoom Room or 10 ave des Pins West (depending on future COVID restrictions, $75 off the price if we are on Zoom)

About the Program

The (in)Fertility Trap: 

You are ready to be pregnant. 

Perhaps you are unsure where to start with alternative fertility approaches or with medical fertility clinics, or you feel like you have tried everything at this point. Around you are the dreaded comments about your “biological clock” or you are dealing with reproductive conditions that inhibit pregnancy. At the same time you are told to “just relax and let it happen” because you’ll never get pregnant if you are stressed. The impossible task of feeling like you need to “do all the things” and at the same time just “do nothing at all”, leaves you feeling confused and more stressed out.


This course allows you to do both. 


This course is also designed for folks who are not quite sure about getting pregnant. Improve your reproductive and overall health while being guided through the process of determining if having a child is right for you.


We will assess your fertility using indicators in your body that can complement available medical testing. You will be gently guided through traditional methods for optimizing your fertility, based on your fertility assessment. And we will collaborate on shifting your mindset into a relaxed state and removing the emotional blocks to conception. 


In a medical system that can treat patients like objects, this series empowers you on your fertility journey, combining biomedical knowledge with traditional wisdom, while building your relationship to your own unique body and connecting to your inner intuition and capacity to conceive. We learn to unite our conscious and unconscious wills to bring about our desires.    


There is no greater magic than conception and new life, yet more and more we lean on science to achieve it and struggle with trusting our bodies. Along with a scientific deep dive via anatomy, physiology and charting, we will dip into the esoteric arts and archetypes to enable our journey inward. 


We are not only here for the narrow purpose of achieving a baby - we are here to transform ourselves into magnificent fertile beings and allow what is destined to spring forth from us in whatever form it takes.

Is this course for me?

This course is ideal for anyone with reproductive conditions that inhibit fertility; who, for whatever reason, waited until later in life to begin trying to conceive, or, who would like to optimize their fertility and menstrual health before conceiving.

Not sure?

Email us at or arrange a call to discuss.

Fertility Resources 


The Infertility Cure: the ancient Chinese wellness program for getting pregnant and having healthy babies (Randine Lewis), Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life (Dr. Claudia Welch), Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life (Emily Nagoski), Existential Kink (Carolyn Elliot), and the Fifth Vital Sign: Master Your Cycles & Optimize Your Fertility (Lisa Hendrickson-Jack).  

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