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thai yoga massage



$60 per hour

$80 for 90 minutes

*(for home visit add $15)

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage is a  full body treatment performed on a large mat on the floor and tailored to the particular needs of the client.


The practitioner uses yoga postures, stretching, compressing and knowledge of pressure points (marmas) to relieve muscular tension, improve circulation, boost the immune system and balance the body energetically.  


Amanda Araújo-White

Courtney Kirkby

Amanda left me feeling relaxed and refreshed. I've never met a massage therapist who literally used her entire body to give someone a massage! She is very intuitive when it comes to applying the right amount of pressure and attention to specific spots. I had been struggling with back pains resulting from a sport injury for a while and left the session feeling totally restored. I’ve referred a few of my friends to her and they’ve all really enjoyed their experience with Amanda.


Montreal, Quebec

This lady has some serious skills! As a guy who’s not all that flexible, I went into the experience not quite knowing what to expect, but Amanda knew exactly what to do. After a short review of my usual knots and sore spots, she delivered a massage that targeted all my tense areas and loosened them up like magic. I left feeling renewed and already looking forward to the next session. If you’re looking for the perfect massage, go to Amanda. She’s the real deal.

Eric White

Montreal, Quebec

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Sometimes I feel like I need a coffee. Other times a good walk will do. But, there are also moments when I really just need someone I trust to grab me and pull me and twist me in ways I wasn't aware of. Ways that made me immediately say "yes! that is what my calf needed!" Courtney is really the only person I trust to do that for me.

Jesse Freeston

Montreal, Quebec

I have never felt so cared for and understood while getting a massage. It takes a very intuitive and grounded practitioner to make a client genuinely feel that way. Courtney is able to focus fully on the person in front of her and understand whatever it is they might be dealing with: their blockages and their hesitations. This is a recipe for real healing. When they say that each massage is tailored to the specific needs of each client, they’re not lying. Courtney made me comfortable, checked in regularly and non-intrusively in a way that put me at ease, and created the type of environment that was conducive to my needs in that moment—right down to the choice of music and incense. I left feeling rejuvenated, elated, and validated. I would recommend Tiger Lotus Cooperative (TLC!) to anyone desiring a holistic pick-me-up that lasts.

Maya Rolbin-Ghanie

Montreal, Quebec

Courtney was very professional. I felt better and better as the massage progressed; it was truly a relaxing experience. The effect lasted longer than with an athletic massage. I highly recommend it!

Gabriel Beauchesne-Sevigny, Olympic Canadian Sprint Canoer

Ottawa, Ontario

Courtney has this special magical touch. You know, when after a long day all you want is to curl up in your little nest, well that's how I felt each time I went to see her, a little anxious to be vulnerable around someone. And each time, each time, she held for me the safe and solid space I needed: warm, strong and gentle, her touch will accompany you as she tunes in with your energy and follows it. To me, a good massage therapist is someone who knows how to listen to the body's language, dialogue and dance with it. Courtney definitely has this precious ability.

Alice Brand

Montreal, Quebec

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